This section has published articles written by Karen Coomer on contemporary occupational health which may be of interest to you. Some are downloadable but please feel free to contact Karen Coomer at for details of the others.

  • 2012 - Two part series examining motivation at work. Part 1 discusses the social, economic and political context in which people work in the UK. Part 2 focuses on motivational theories such as maslow, herzberg, hawthorne and expectancy and discusses their relevance to occupational health practice.
  1. Coomer K. (2012) Motivation at work: A macro structural approach. Occupational Health [at work].
  2. Coomer K. (2012) Motivation at work: A micro structural approach. Occupational Health [at work].

  • 2011 - An article exploring an ageing workforce in the context of the Finnish work ability model. Coomer K. (2011) An ageing workforce - implications for occupational health. Occupational Health [at work].

  • 2010 - Discusses how applicable caring and compassion is in the commercial occupational health setting. Coomer K. (2010) Caring occupational health - does it exist? Occupational Health [at work].